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Nautical Anchor Lights

These are reproduction lights made with solid copper. Nautical anchor lights traditionally have clear glass and are used to indicate a boat is at anchor. Red and green lights are used to help in navigation to determine the vessel with the right of way. Red is used on the port (left) side and green on the starboard (right) side. These lanterns were also used as railroad signals.

Call or e-mail us to place an order for these indoor/outdoor light fixtures, or visit our showroom on Cape Cod in Sandwich.

Local: 508-833-0515
Toll free: 1-888-741-0714

Wall mount anchor lamp, clear Wall mount anchor lamp, green Wall mount anchor lamp, red Post anchor lamp, clear

Anchor lights in clear, green and red. Suitable as an indoor or outdoor lighting fixture.

Anchor Light – Small

Style Code Size Price
Wall W200   6¼” Width x   8¼” Depth x 16¾” Height $425
Hanging H200 6¼” Width x 6¼” Depth x 12½” Height $425
Post P200 6¼” Width x 6¼” Depth x 15″ Height $450


Anchor Light – Large

Style Code Size Price
Wall W300   8½” Width x   10¼”” Depth x 19½” Height $575
Hanging H300 8½” Width x 8½”” Depth x 16¼” Height $575
Post P300 8½” Width x 8½”” Depth x 18¼” Height $600