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Handcrafted Indoor and Outdoor Light Fixtures

At Sandwich Lantern, our craftsmen have continued the tradition of handcrafting lanterns in the United States since 1988. In our facility located on Cape Cod in Sandwich, Massachusetts, we use solid copper and solid brass materials that will stand the test of time. Impervious to salt air and harsh environments, the lanterns weather gracefully, never needing maintenance or attention. We take such pride in our quality work that we place a lifetime guarantee with our lanterns (excluding the glass).

History of the Lanterns
Original productions of these colonial lighting fixtures date back to the 1800s. These fixtures originally produced light by burning whale oil. Early productions of these fixtures would have been crafted out of tin, which did not withstand the harsh coastal climate.

The “ring” at the top of the lantern was used as a handle to carry the oil lantern. Once someone was finished using the lantern, they would have hung the lantern on a hook or bracket, which would be mounted to the house, barn, post, etc. The “cage” around the lantern was added to provide protection for the glass. These lanterns were also used on whaling ships, as well as for railroad signals.