Colored Glass Onion Lights

These onion lights are true products of the historic town of Sandwich, the oldest town on Cape Cod and famously known for its glass work. The glass for these lights are hand-blown at the Glass Studio on Cape Cod, located here in Sandwich, MA. These unique lanterns are offered in their signature Blue Sea Bubble (shown in photo) or Clear Sea Bubble, but other glass color options can be discussed for a special order.


We handcraft these lights to withstand harsh weather conditions, but they may also be used indoors as well. You may view our classic onion light styles on both the wall and post onion lights page, as well as the hanging and ceiling onion lights page. Please contact us to place an order, or visit our showroom on Cape Cod.


Note: Not available in Copper or Green finish. All onion lanterns can use up to a 100 watt light bulb.

Onion Lights Colored Glass samples


  • Mounting plate dimensions are 4.5″ W x 5.5″ H on the 631 and 641 sizes.
  • Mounting plate dimensions are 5″ W x 6″ H on the 611 and 601 sizes.


  • All canopies have a 5 1/4″ diameter with a 1/2″ depth.
  • All height measurements are of the actual lantern only; length of chain is not included in measurement.


Product Number 631
Wall Dimensions8″ Width x 9½” Depth x 16″ Height $365
Hanging Dimensions8″ Width x 12½” Height$385
Ceiling Dimensions8″ Width x 10½” Height$365
Product Number 641
Wall Dimensions10″ Width x 11½” Depth x 19″ Height$415
Hanging Dimensions10″ Width x 17″ Height $435
Ceiling Dimensions10″ Width x 13½” Height $415
Post Dimensions10″ Width x 18″ Height$485
Product Number 611
Wall Dimensions12″ Width x 13½” Depth x 22″ Height $465
Hanging Dimensions12″ Width x 19″ Height $485
Ceiling Dimensions12″ Width x 15½” Height $465
Post Dimensions12″ Width x 20″ Height $485