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About Sandwich Lantern of Cape CodEntrance to Sandwich Industrial Park

Sandwich Lantern wouldn’t exist today without a growing demand for a handmade onion lantern style that began in the 1980s. Current owner Steve Sherman was working for his uncle, Malcolm Sherman, at his electrical supply company. The onion lantern style very quickly became a popular product amongst their customers. The company was only a distributor at the time, and it was clear the supply could not handle the demand for the product.

Malcolm decided that his company needed to change direction. He began purchasing necessary equipment and materials to manufacture onion lanterns, which led to Steve manufacturing the lanterns for his uncle starting in 1988.
Building where Sandwich Lantern is located
Unfortunately Malcolm Sherman passed away in 1990, which led to the sale of the company to another owner. Steve Sherman stayed with the company and continued to manufacture these handmade lanterns for the next 20 years.

However in 2010, Steve was able to put the business back in the Sherman family name. He has continued manufacturing handcrafted lanterns and other products with the help of his son, Pete, and his nephew, Jason. You may view these onion lanterns here.

Sandwich Lantern purchased J.E. Lighting in 2015, a chandelier and sconce manufacturer. Michael Sampson is now manufacturing these fixtures on location, whom also has 30 years of experience. All of these chandeliers and sconces are handcrafted of solid brass, with both electrical and candle options available.

See What Sandwich Lantern is All About

Because of the pride that we take in our high-quality craftsmanship at Sandwich Lantern, we offer a lifetime guarantee with our lanterns (excluding the glass).  We have shipped our products from Cape Cod all across the US, with shipments to England and Canada as well. View our comments section or visit our Facebook page to see customer testimonials about our products and services.

All of our lighting fixtures are handcrafted in our factory on location. We invite you to visit our factory showroom located in the Sandwich Industrial Park to see these beautiful fixtures in person. Please contact us if you have any questions, and you will speak directly with Steve, Pete, or Jason.


Soldering brass for lamps at Sandwich Lantern on Cape Cod

Glass and frame are added to an onion lamp at Sandwich Lantern on Cape Cod

Mike puts the finishing touches on a chandelier.

Handcrafted lights and lamps at Sandwich Lantern on Cape Cod.